Let It Burn

Everytime you cry,
something within me dies,
your loneliness, your pain,
is part of my heart’s terrain.

Don’t be afraid to love again,
allow to burn love’s flame,
let me hold you in my arms,
and shower love charms.

Floating together to horizon,
we’ll see our love rising,
heaven will witness our pledge,
and we’ll find our own planet’s edge.


  1. Ah, lovers. Drift off to your dreams

  2. So much love in this... and the rhymes work so well strengthening the message.

  3. What a wonderful promise of love.

  4. Love the tension and drama created in this -- the pain and bliss of love both realistic and fantastical -- indeed, I do love a good fantasy that ends with "love rising." The picture fits perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, Vandana, I am in sync with this. Sounds like you may have been too. At first I had a plan B ready, now trust and love have replaced thoughts of alternatives.

  6. The beauty of love, the intimacy of spirits joined. Lovely


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